First Three Theory Exams

Time to test my knowledge of Air Law, Operational Procedures & Communications

Posted by Owain Abraham-Williams on Tuesday 29th March 2016

This evening I went to the club to sit my first three theory exams. Two weeks ago I had exam crammer sessions with Nick where we went through Air Law, Operational Procedures and Communications. Since then I’ve been busy re-reading sections of my Air Pilot’s Manuals and putting myself through mock exams using the Examination Preparation Questions, Answers and Explanation books.

I decided to sit these three exams at the same time as you have to complete all nine exams within six sittings. So by knocking three of them off at the beginning I have more options if I want to space out the other exams.

Fortunately (but rather unsurprisingly given the amount of time I’ve spent revising, sitting practice papers, and the ground school) I passed all three exams. Nevertheless, I was glad to have passed without incident.