Day 1 - Lesson Cancelled

The weather gods pour scorn on my new hobby

Posted by Owain Abraham-Williams on Sunday 28th June 2015

I spent Saturday sitting in the park with the sun beating down on me watching the planes fly overhead. Today however, it is a different story. Overcast and raining. The flying club called to say the weather was bad and was forecast to get even worse. So no flying today.

I knew there was a possibility this would happen, even a likelihood knowing the British weather. But now it actually has I feel really quite disappointed. I was so looking forward to my first lesson, just to say I had started my training. But now that will have to wait. I’m booked in next weekend on both Saturday and Sunday, so hopefully at least one of those days will have flyable weather.

Jason Smart talks about the struggles of learning to fly with the British weather in his book Take Your Wings and Fly - A Journey Through a Private Pilot’s Licence (which I recently reviewed) and his journey started in much the same way as mine, with his first lesson being cancelled due to the weather. He ends each entry with a running total of his flying hours, an idea I’m shamelessly stealing for my blog! So day one has ended and my count so far is: