Day 17 - Lesson Cancelled

Glorious weather at home, persistent morning fog at the airport

Posted by Owain Abraham-Williams on Saturday 3rd October 2015

My lesson this morning was at 9am and the weather looked glorious. However, just 10 miles away at Bristol airport, persistent morning fog meant my lesson was cancelled.

Interestingly, I’d been reading on Wikipedia that the airport was originally established as a relief landing ground by the RAF in 1940. It’s geography made it ideal as a bad weather training airfield. This was all too apparent today as the METAR reported fog with a visibility of just 50 metres:

METAR EGGD 030720Z AUTO 06005KT 0050 R27/0150 FG VV/// 07/07 Q1016

It’s amazing how the weather can change in a few miles. I spent the morning in Bristol’s Clifton Village, looking enviously up at the blue, haze free skies.