A blog about my own personal love affair with flight.

Day 11 - Lesson 7

Flying the circuit pattern

Day 10 - Lesson Cancelled

The British summer writes off another flying lesson

Day 9 - Lesson 6

Slow flight / Stalling / Spin avoidance

Day 8 - Lesson 5

Slow Flight / Stalling

Day 7 - Lesson Cancelled

From calm and sunny to cloudy and rainy in under 24 hours

Day 6 - Lesson 4

Climbing / Descending / Medium level turns

Day 5 - Lesson 3

Straight and level flight / Climbing / Descending

Day 4 - Lesson Cancelled

A lesson in METAR and TAF from the co-owner

Day 3 - Lesson 2

Taxiing / Straight and level flight / Effects of controls

Day 2 - Lesson 1

Straight and level flight / Effects of controls

Day 1 - Lesson Cancelled

The weather gods pour scorn on my new hobby

Joining An Aeroplane Club

Private Pilot Licence (PPL) - Here I Come!

The Aviation Medical

Am I fit enough to fly an aeroplane solo?

A Visit to Local Airfields and Clubs

Some questions and answers on what it takes to become a pilot

Book Review - Take Your Wings and Fly

A journey through a UK Private Pilot's Licence by Jason Smart

A Trial Flight With Tiger Airways

The thrill of flying an aeroplane for the first time

The Most Exhilarating Day of My Life

A static line parachute jump at Redlands Airfield