A blog about my own personal love affair with flight.

Day 30 - Lesson 16

Navigation exercise via Glastonbury and Warminster

Day 29 - Lesson 15

Am I ready for for my first solo? Andrew puts me through my paces

Day 28 - Lesson Cancelled

Heavy rain cancels the first lesson of the New Year

Day 27 - Lesson Cancelled

Cloud and rain mean the closest I'll get to flying is reading about it

Day 26 - Lesson 14

Finally back to circuit bashing, and I'm almost ready for my first solo

Day 24 - Lesson Cancelled

Another gusty day cancels the first in a double lesson this weekend

Day 23 - Lesson Cancelled

30 knot crosswinds cancel another lesson

Day 23 - Lesson Cancelled

A look at my latest flight equipment

Day 22 - Lesson Cancelled

Sudden fog cancels my lesson while on the way to the airport

Day 21 - Lesson Cancelled

A lesson with Dermot is also cancelled

Day 20 - Lesson Cancelled

A booking error cancels my second lesson this weekend

Day 19 - Lesson 13

Circuits at Bristol with low cloud and a crosswind

Day 18 - Lesson Cancelled

A look at my cockpit recording equipment

GASCo Safety Evening

A presentation on behalf of the CAA by the General Aviation Safety Council (GASCo)

Day 17 - Lesson Cancelled

Glorious weather at home, persistent morning fog at the airport

Day 16 - Lesson 12

Back to Circuit Bashing in Bristol

Day 15 - Lesson 11

Steep Level Turns

Day 14 - Lesson 10

Right-hand Circuits at Bristol

Day 13 - Lesson 9

Circuits at Bristol in calm wind

Day 12 - Lesson 8

Circuits at Cardiff